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As the years go by, Plastic Cosmetics Jar has been paired with every cosmetics product created by brand owners. SENLIS makes it flexible and durable enough to protect the product at a good competitive price.

  • Customize personalized plastic cosmetic jars.
  • High quality and diversity of materials.
  • Clean and sanitize before shipment.
  • Continuous and consistent supply.

SENLIS Plastic Cosmetic Jar

Plastic Cosmetic Jars are created to protect the cosmetic or any beauty product from contamination. It is also created with any design you want and made as a part of the brand’s promotion without compromising the quality.

Despite the fact that Plastic Cosmetic Jars are known and used by many suppliers, SENLIS still plays to our strengths to make them more attractive to our customers, which is inexpensive and substantial to make your cosmetic product more affordable in the market.

Plastic Cosmetic Jar Display

Smooth Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Thick Wall
Smooth Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Thick Wall
Smooth Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Single Wall
Smooth Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Single Wall
Smooth Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Double Wall
Smooth Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Double Wall
Frosted Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Double Wall
Frosted Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Double Wall
Frosted Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Thick Wall
Frosted Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Thick Wall
Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Single Wall
Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jar With Single Wall

SENLIS Plastic Cosmetic Jar Advantage

plastic coametic jars with high quality
High Quality
always ship our plastic cosmetic jars in time
In Time
customize any plastic cosmetic jars you want
senlis has various of eco-friendly materials

Build Your Brand

Are you a brand owner of cosmetic products? If you projected Plastic Cosmetic Jars to use as your packaging. You would choose the right company. SENLIS can produce, modify and deliver your best cosmetic jars without struggle.

  • Customization

We have a complete support system for our customers from planning to customizing. Customizing your chosen plastic cosmetic jars makes a huge difference from other competitors. Sometimes using common packaging makes it loos less valuable to customers. Our experts will help you to have a unique look and make it attractive for customers.

  • ISO 9001 Certified

Our manufacturing company is ISO 9001 certified in China. You assure that pass a quality standard test from them. Being a reliable and responsible manufacturing company is one of our greatest assets. Your trust is important to us, that’s why we continue providing high-quality and safe Plastic Cosmetic Packaging.

Help Build Your Brand
SENLIS Eco-Friendly Material

SENLIS Eco-Friendly Material

SENLIS always focuses on environmental protection throughout the production process, and the use of sustainable packaging, not only for customer cost considerations, but also respect for nature.

The materials used in our cosmetic packaging are diverse and environmentally friendly, including Polyethylene Terephthalate, High-Density Poly Ethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyvinyl Chloride, etc, which are all more commonly used, each of them will have their own characteristics and advantages.

You can choose plastic jars according to the properties of different plastics, if you are not sure what material can better store the integrity of the contents, we will help you solve all the problems, you just need to say the shape, size, and color of the jar, the rest to us.

Why SENLIS Plastic Cosmetic Jar

Why Choose SENLIS Plastic Cosmetic Jar
Why SENLIS Plastic Cosmetic Jars

Many types of cosmetic packaging are made with plastic. It can be processed with different designs, shapes, and colors at a minimum cost. Here are some points you might want to consider for using our Plastic Cosmetic Jar.


  • You can have a crystal clear appearance that looks like a glass texture. This is very premium looking along with your colorful cosmetic products like eyeshadow, lipstick, and others.


  • Our Plastic Cosmetic Jars are made scratch-resistant and undergo durability tests. This will make your product safe and avoid defects in your cosmetic production.


  • Printing labels on the surface of plastic cosmetic jars is uncomplicated. All of the information about the product will not easily disappear.


  • The barrier builds in our product is strong and stable enough. We used an advanced multi-layer material technology, it can totally block sunlight and air that can avoid your product from oxidizing.
You CanTrust SENLIS Plastic Cosmetic Jar

SENLIS Production Sites

  • “I never boast about something, but I broke the convention for SENLIS, the quality is really excellent, people who do not understand cosmetic packagings will feel good!”

  • “I went to their production base, where the area is really very large, and every procedure is well organized, so I decided to place an order for 100,000 orders without any hesitation.”

  • “I would love to endorse SENLIS, which is really the ceiling of the cosmetic packaging industry.”

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