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SENLIS produces a wide variety of multi-functional storage bottles for perfume. Our perfume sprayer has a modern design and specifications applicable to different kinds of perfume. Our operation involves a high standard of quality checking for the whole production of this product.

  • The perfume sprayer can be customized along with the brand’s uniformity.
  • Best after-sale service to ensure a long-term relationship with customers.
  • Identify possible problems through product testing.
  • Proficient in logistic management.

SENLIS Perfume Sprayer

Perfume sprayer has been part of everyone’s life because their purpose has proven to be totally useful. There is a huge variation of perfume sprayers in the market due to different customer preferences. Since it has a versatile design it’s all worth purchasing a perfume sprayer.

Having a high-quality perfume sprayer serves as an instrument for an effortless dispensing of perfume from its container. This product can control the distribution of the perfume and prevent any waste while using it. SENLIS perfume sprayer recommends the best spraying solution for your perfume products.

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Advantages of Perfume Sprayers

Perfume sprayers nowadays use advanced mechanisms to spray different perfume products evenly and keep the perfume scent fresh on the skin.  It can dispense light perfume products to avoid applying too much product when in use.

The perfume sprayer bottles are workable in any size, shape, and design. A simple and elegant look of a perfume sprayer is generally admirable by many customers. In addition, The design of perfume sprayers is easily accessible without having them exposed to the air, light, and heat. It can keep the perfume product from contamination and oxidation. A perfume sprayer is very convenient to use and releases a hygienic product at the same time.

Advantages of Perfume Sprayers
UV Glass Type of Perfume Sprayer

UV Glass Type of Perfume Sprayer

SENLIS produces different kinds of bottles for perfume sprayers. A UV glass type of perfume sprayer is highly beneficial not only to business owners but also to customers who use this kind of bottle.

A clear type of bottle on perfume sprayers doesn’t block all the light rays that’s why a possible perfume deterioration will occur. Correct storage for this kind of perfume sprayer should not be neglected. It must be stored in an area with no direct sunlight keeping the bottle cool in a dark area.

There is another choice to keep your product protected from light rays which is the UV glass type of perfume sprayer. It has opaque or colored glass that gives various levels of protection against light. The most common glass bottle is amber or brown glass which blocks ultraviolet light rays perfectly.

Why Choose SENLIS Perfume Sprayer Manufacturer

Why choose SENLIS as your Perfume Sprayer supplier
Why choose SENLIS as your Perfume Sprayer manufacturer

SENLIS has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing containers for cosmetic and perfume products. Most specifically perfumer sprayers have a  large variety of staples, colors, and shapes.

Having a brand name and putting it as a label of your perfumer products is not enough to market your products. As a brand owner, you have to level up your ideas in terms of the type of packaging you will adapt. SENLIS offers a boundless product configuration to have a successful creation of your custom-made perfume sprayers. Building your brand’s perfume sprayer will be trouble-free and hassle-free.

Having us as your reliable manufacturer, our responsibilities don’t end after you receive your products from us. SENLIS always provides care to our customers through our After-Sales Service team. In this way, continued brand satisfaction and loyalty will be attainable. We anticipated the possible issues and concerns you might encounter after you purchase our perfume sprayer. They are assigned to give support and lessen the burden on your side.

SENLIS Supports Your Perfume Sprayer
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