Non-Dispensing Caps

Non-dispensing caps such as child-resistant caps or domed lids are very simple to use with no moving parts. As a manufacturer with many years of experience, SENLIS uses materials that are recycled. Whether in the selection of materials or the quality of the outputs, we can give you the best guarantee.

  • Diverse and eco-friendly materials.
  • A variety of colors and styles.
  • Provide customized services.
  • Wide range of uses.

SENLIS Non-Dispensing Caps

A continuous thread cap closure made with metal or plastic is what you call a non-dispensing cap. It has been utilized by many cosmetic brands even before this generation. As a brand owner, SENLSITECH can give you some choices on what type of non dispenc=sing caps you can purchase.

Non-Dispensing Caps Collection


Child-resistant caps are widely used in many industries. To protect children from exposure to products that are harmful to them, child-resistant caps are great. We have many different finishes and liner options.

Tub Lids

Tub lids are designed to fit specific sizes of Tubs. They are very suitable to keep your product fresh due to their excellent sealing. Click to see our selection of long skirts, gaskets, and even square lids.

Phenolic Lids

Phenolic caps are very suitable for storing a variety of reactive compounds such as acids and bases, and may sometimes require the use of polyketone liners. Phenolic liners are highly heat resistant.

Dome Lids

A domed lid is a lid with a round top. It looks smooth and sophisticated and has a nice decorative effect. It is a great lid choice. They are mostly used for double-walled jars but can be used for other suitable containers.

Smooth Lids

The smooth lids do not have any ribbing along the skirt. They have a lower profile and are smoother than other lids. Most of the lids below are unlined, and some of the lined ones are indicated in the description.

Ribbed Lids

Ribbed caps have a number of protruding ribbing along their skirt used to provide grip when unscrewing and unscrewing the cap. Ribbed lids are the most commonly found of all non-dispensing caps.

Dairy Lids

The dairy lids have a snap-on screw. They have a disposable anti-opening ring. Each lid can customize with a different color.

Spice Lids

Spice lids need to be matched to specific spice jars. These spices are specifically dispensed through the lid. You can pick different colors.


There are many colors, shapes, sizes and styles, click to learn more about the uncategorized styles.

Non Dispensing Caps from SENSLISTECH

SENLSISETCH Has a variety of non-dispensing caps that you can acquire as the official packaging for your brand. This type of material is functional for sealing different containers like jars or bottles without dispensing the inside product from the caps.  Before you dispense the product your need to detach the caps and you are free to release it easily. 

If you are into a minimalist type of packaging non-dispensing caps might be a perfect choice for you. These non-dispensing caps are also applicable for different types of packaging like glass jars, plastic bottles, and many more. It comes in various sizes and colors that can be a perfect partner with your cosmetic products.

Non Dispensing Caps from SENSLISTECH
Common Non-Dispensing Cap

Common Non-Dispensing Cap

  • Phenolic caps

It has a Polycone feature that covers the inner diameter of containers. It is best for a strong formulation of skincare products

  • Dome Caps

The top of this cap has a round surface. It is commonly used in associating together with round bottom jars for dispensing.

  • Ribbed Caps

It has a vertical appearance around the outer edge part for easy removal of the bottle closure.  You can often see it made with plastic material.

  • Smooth Lock Caps

It doesn’t contain grooves around the outer edge. It is totally different from ribbed caps bottle closure.

A Trusted Packaging Solution Manufacturer

A Trusted Packaging Solution Manufacturer
A Trusted Packaging Solution Manufacturer and supplier

Being part of your brand that provides a packaging solution is one of SENLISTECH’s objectives. With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have learned how we can extremely enhance the quality of our closure packaging for many cosmetic products. 

  • Rapid Response

We value your time and effort in reaching us which is why our customers enjoy a  rapid response to any customer inquiries and product issues or concerns. 

  • Competitive Product

A great source of different cosmetic packaging with a very reasonable product price.

  • Effective Manufacturing

Continues stock of products you want to avail for your brands.

  • Reliable Provider

Can accommodate customers’ needs while choosing the right bottle and containers for them.


If you are interested just simply message us with any questions about the product you want.

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