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Have you decided to switch or use a  mist sprayer bottle for your skincare and makeup products so? Let SENLIS take charge of providing you with a high-quality and multi-purpose mist sprayer. You will definitely appreciate our company’s enthusiastic service in manufacturing a wide range of mist sprayer designs and colors.

  • Our mist sprayer bottles are easy to refill and leakproof.
  • The availability of stock is predictable and controlled.
  • Offers Custom made mist sprayer with your brand.
  • Giving a high-quality output at the right price.

What Is A Mist Sprayer

Mist sprayer is one of the basic spray pattern classifications. These can be multipurpose bottle sprayers for many kinds of products in the market. It is commonly used for liquid-form solutions in makeup and skincare products. 

Inside the mist sprayer bottles, you can put various essential products like setting spray for makeup, hair styling products, perfume, household products like disinfectant alcohol, and many more.

This is capable of releasing enough products giving customers satisfaction for its function. A mist sprayer can be produced in different sizes, color, and shape depending on the brand’s preference. One of the most common is a portable, travel-size mist sprayer that is perfect for on-the-go people.

What Is A Mist Sprayer
Trusted Manufacturer of Mist Sprayer

Trusted Manufacturer of Mist Sprayer

SENLIS is one of the most trusted manufacturers of cosmetic bottles and containers. We produced top-quality products that give high satisfaction to our customers in the cosmetic industry. One of our company’s top seller products is Mists Sprayer. This product acquires a high level of demand because it is flexible to use in different cosmetic and skincare products.

The design of this can be customized and personalized by the brand’s identity. The material we use on our mist sprayers is cosmetic-grade and high-quality base material without any harmful chemicals.

There are professional interior designers of this kind of service. Giving you less stressful decision-making in creating your own brand packaging. SENLIS mist sprayers are has a patented pre-compression technology that delivers a better and more powerful spray of products.

Mist Sprayer From SENLIS

Mist Sprayer From SENLIS
Mist Sprayers From SENLIS
  • SENLIS Mist Sprayer has an advanced structure that is more ergonomic compared to a traditional sprayer bottle.
  • It has a super fine mist spray pattern that can dispense a different liquid cosmetic product evenly.
  • It can be produced with continuous spray for an easily continuous flow and for a sustained mist of products within 2 to 5 seconds.
  • The mist sprayer can be designed with 360 Degree Spraying feature allowing an even spray of mist upside down without leakage.
  • We used airless technology for a longer shelf life that has the ability to block and prevent any contamination.
  • It has durable and eco-friendly composition from the head sprayer to the bottle’s body.
  • Our spray mist is open and available for compatibility testing with your different products.

The Components Of Fine Mist Sprayer

The Components Of Fine Mist Sprayer
The Component Of Fine Mist Sprayer
  • Dust Cap

Usually made of PP plastic. It serves as a dust and safety cover that can protect the packaging.

  • Actuator

This is a part of the sprayer where components are pushed down to make a spray of the products and dispense them.

  • Insert

This is a small component that contains a channel where the liquid flows in to make a mist pattern.

  • Closure

Aone component that locks up the whole assembly altogether above the bottle. It can be designed smooth, matte, or glossy finish.

  • Gasket

This outside gasket is a critical component that provides a squeezable seal. It protects the area of a bottle to prevent leakage.

  • Mechanism

it is composed of a whole component of the mist sprayer it transfers the product from inside up to the actuator.

  • Dip Tube

This is a long plastic that reaches the bottle’s bottom part. It must avoid any clogging for easy and smooth spraying of the product.

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