Glass Cosmetic Bottle Supplier

SENLIS helps beauty brands to build their products with high-quality packaging like Cosmetic Glass Bottles. Customization of this packaging will help to elevate your cosmetics products to the market.

  • Wide variety of styles and colors.
  • On-time and safe shipments.
  • Provide high-end looks.
  • Premium raw material.

SENLIS Glass Cosmetic Bottles

Glass Cosmetic Bottles are popular in the beauty industry without the risk of harmful chemicals. This is made from sustainable raw materials such as sand, limestone, and soda ash.

SENLIS’s Glass Cosmetic Bottles have different variations in color, size, shape, and special features. If you are longing for a luxurious and high-end look of the packaging, the Glass Cosmetic Bottle is the best for you.

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SENLIS is a reliable and sustainable manufacturer of different cosmetic packaging in China. Our mission is to provide high-quality glass cosmetic bottles at the most competitive price. We understand our customer’s needs and we know how important it is to have a trusted manufacturer.

We offer exceptional glass cosmetic bottles with different functions and capacities. You are able to show aesthetically beautiful cosmetic products to the market. Being your manufacturer is our greatest achievement. We want to work with you as a team.

Support Your Business
Tips For Glass Cosmetic Bottle

Tips For Glass Cosmetic Bottle

  • Is it workable with others?

Glass cosmetic bottle is really flexible with various kinds of cosmetics like skin care, perfume, makeup, bath essentials, body spray, and many more. It has the ability to preserve your product at its finest.

  • Is it Truly recyclable?

Yes, you can endlessly recycle a glass cosmetic bottle without changing its quality. There are many recycling programs that accept glass cosmetic bottles as part of their systematic cycling.

  • Is it safe to transport?

We exert extra effort on fragile items like glass cosmetic bottles. Safe and correct packaging is very important to us. Our packaging procedure guarantee that this product will arrive in perfect condition.

Why SENLIS Glass Cosmetic Bottle

Why SENLIS Glass Cosmetic Bottle
Why SENLIS Glass Cosmetic Bottles

It is really crucial to find a perfect cosmetic packaging supplier. There are many reasons to consider before you finalize your decision. Safety is one of the most important factors to consider, that’s why choosing SENLIS Glass cosmetic bottle can be the best packaging for you.

  • Premium Quality 

We ensure the quality of our glass cosmetic bottles before the end process in production. It requires undergoing quality assurance checking and stability testing.

  • Stock Availability

There is continuous production of glass bottles for cosmetic and skincare products. We have updated inventories to meet our customer’s requirements ahead of time.

  • Product Transformation

With the help of our team, transforming your glass cosmetic bottle will improve your brand culture. Innovation is the key to maintaining your brand reputation in this industry.


SENLIS Frosted Cosmeic Glass Bottle
  • “The variety is really rich, I especially like the texture of their frosted glass bottles.”

  • “It couldn’t be better!”

  • “I have watched them grow in scale little by little, and the quality always reassures me.”

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