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Dispensing caps are those that deliver the product to the customer at first hand. SENLIS supports a variety of industrial business models and has been manufacturing caps for more than 10 years. 50% of our products are exported to Europe and the United States.

  • Partnership for long-term cooperation.
  • Using recyclable plastic material.
  • Diversity of products.
  • Clean production line.

SENLIS Dispensing Caps

We will patiently recommend the right dispensing cap for you and hopefully we will get repeat business. We are committed to factory research and development, and we are equally efficient in ensuring our after-sales service. You can choose from the dispensing caps and come to us for a quote.

Dispensing Caps Collection

Spice Lids

Spice lids are matched to specific size spice jars. Spices are dispensed through the lid. You should choose the number of holes you need.


The flip-top is a popular way to easily control the dispensing of products. It can easily be operated with one hand.

Disc Tops

Disc-type caps allow for one-touch dispensing of caps. These caps are most often used on shampoo bottles and other personal care products.

Yorker Spouts

Yorker spout caps are perfectly suited for the precise dispensing of chemicals, liquids, oils, and many other applications. You can control the direction and amount of dispersion with precision and ease of handling.


Spouted caps and closures are most commonly used in industrial applications. When in the closed position, they create an airtight seal. Spouts are removable and come in a variety of neck trims and colors.

Orifice Reducers

The orifice pressure reducer is a good way to make the opening of the container smaller, he will allow the flow rate to be smaller at the same time. Check out all of our different styles and shapes. Click on the image to learn more.

Other Dispensing Caps

To learn more about colors, shapes, sizes and styles, just click on the image.

Dispensing Caps you can have at SENSLIS

This is a popular type of bottle closure that can actually dispense the product from the cap itself. A dispensing cap is an opposite of a non-dispensing cap used in many cosmetic items. Many positive reviews about these caps are being considered by brands in the present times. 

A specific amount of product can be released in control to avoid any messy dispense. It is workable to reduce wastage and doesn’t need to widely open the top part of the containers. Choosing this dispensing cap can lengthen the shelf life of your cosmetic and skincare products. 

SENLISTECH established dispensing cap with integrity to work with many brands in the world. We are the general cosmetic packaging manufacturer you can trust.

Dispensing Caps you can have at SENSLIS
Kinds of Dispensing Caps produced by SENLIS

Kinds of Dispensing Caps produced by SENLIS

As we know that dispensing caps can contribute a tight sealing for your cosmetic packaging for better prevention from contamination and leakage. SENLISTECH has a different sample of dispensing caps you can avail with different viscosity.

  • Disc top cap

It is the most common type of dispensing cap. This is injected type of dispensing closure that needs pressure when opening the top bottle cap.

  • Snap top caps

It contains a hinged lid that can help to prevent leakage. This kind of dispensing cap work well for many health and beauty applications like lotions, body washes, and shampoos.

  • Orifice reducer caps

Use for better control of the flow of many liquid cosmetic products. A practical reliable container you can consider.

Brilliant Dispensing Caps Manufacturer

Brilliant Dispensing Caps Manufacturer
Brilliant Dispensing Caps Supplier

SENLISTECH manufactures great dispensing caps you can partner with for your cosmetic packaging. We ensure a tight fit of this product in the different sizes we create. Choosing the correct bottle closure can be so overwhelming because of the many varieties that we have. But we ensure that we only recommend dispensing caps that are the best fit for your cosmetic and skincare products.

We can accommodate customized dispensing caps based on your bottle closure requirements. Our production has a great source of material used in manufacturing top-quality dispensing caps. In line with this, we also have a brilliant expert and manpower who work together to achieve our company’s production goal. So that we can help your brand to add more value and sophisticated elements to your finished product.

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