Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer

SENLIS’ Cosmetic Tube manufacturing process can provide different types of decoration options for your brand. We offer a variety of cosmetic tube packaging methods for different purposes for you to choose from.

  • Match all kinds of customized needs.
  • 20 years of production experience.
  • Offers in a variety of materials.
  • 24/7 Full-time service.

SENLIS Cosmetic Tube

Cosmetic Tubes can be applied to more different life needs. Whether it is in Skincare, Beauty Makeup, or daily needs in life, its shadow will always appear.

SENLIS’ professional team can provide reliable technical support to create your unique cosmetic tube packaging for your brand.

Cosmetic Tube Packaging

With your cosmetic tube order, SENLIS can offer virtually unlimited options.

Cosmetic Tube S-01

It is a Monolayer tube with Screw Cap. We provide Hot-air sealing technology to ensure that the contents of the tube are not contaminated by the outside world.

Cosmetic Tube F-01

It is a Monolayer tube with Flip Top Cap. The color and capacity can be customized. We also provide labeling and hot screen printing on tubes.

Cosmetic Tube S-02

This is an Aluminum Cosmetic Tube. The tube body and cap are available in matte or glossy. Aluminum tubes have good barrier protection properties.

Cosmetic Tube S-03
Cosmetic Tube S-03

This is an empty plastic cosmetic squeeze tube with a white bottle and a white Screw Cap (20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml).

Cosmetic Tube S-04
Cosmetic Tube S-04

This is a flat-body white cosmetic tube in an inverted trapezoid shape with a screw cap. The color and capacity can be customized.

Cosmetic Tube F-02
Cosmetic Tube F-02

The surface can be made into a matte or high-gloss a cosmetic tube with Flip Top, The color and capacity can be customized.

Cosmetic Tube P-01
Cosmetic Tube P-01

Airless pump tubes can extend shelf life by preventing air from being lifted from the contents. It can achieve nearly 100% product evacuation.

Cosmetic Tube P-02
Cosmetic Tube P-02

This is an Airless Pump Tube in light grey with PET plastic, the capacity can be customized in 30ml, 60ml, or 100ml. The pump tube is convenient.

Cosmetic Tube P-03
Cosmetic Tube P-03

This one is made of PE plastic, which is easy to extrude and mold. It usually has more paste-like cores. Available in 1/4 to 8 oz.

Cosmetic Tube For Lip Beauty Products

SENLIS offers a large variety of customizable high-end Lipstick Tubes. There are two main types of Lipstick Tubes for you to choose from, aluminum lipstick tubes and plastic lipstick tubes.

We also offer different shapes of Lipstick Tubes for your order, such as round, square, hexagonal, etc.

If you also have a high demand for style, we also offer push buttons, magnetic caps, and standard twist-on styles for you to choose from.

Cosmetic Tube For Eye Beauty Products

SENLIS has superior quality and aesthetic style for Cosmetic Tubes for the Eye Beauty Products including Mascara and Eyeliner at competitive prices.

SENLIS Cosmetic Tube Advantages

Premium Grade
High Quality
Shipping Always In Time
In Time
Innovative Customizaion
Recycle Materials

Multiple Options

SENLIS offers multiple options for many different materials and different purposes, and you are sure to find a tube that matches your business.

  • Cosmetic tubes of different capacities
  • Airless pump tubes
  • Cosmetic tubes with bamboo caps
  • Paper tubes
  • Lipgloss tubes
  • Lipstick tubes
  • Mascara tubes
  • Eyeliner tubes

and more.

SENLIS Cosmetic Tube Multiple Options
SENLIS Most Reliable Partner

Most Reliable Partner

SENLIS insists on protecting the privacy of our customers, we are your unique partner.

Our innovative team will start from your brand to customize your products with you, and witness the beautiful moments with you.

Our meticulous attention to detail is the most convincing proof of the quality of your products.

SENLIS is willing to become your preferred partner brand in any future cooperation.

High-Tech Quality Factory

SENLIS has more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic manufacturing, with much high-technology equipment and a variety of mold equipment for you to choose from.

Our factory has fully automated manufacturing, which allows us to shorten the delivery cycle and greatly improve the product qualification rate. And we prepare 100% recyclable materials for your products.

SENLIS must be your best choice!

SENLIS High-Tech Quality Factory

Cosmetic Tube Customization and Decoration

Hot Stamping
Hot Stamping

We offer you any custom printing service on your product packaging, including logos, pictures, etc. And of course if you need packaging design services, we have a young professional team at your service.

Eco-Friendly Material
Eco-Friendly Material

We offer the most advanced and fashionable paper packaging that can match your brand concept. All materials we use are 100% recyclable and designed to protect the planet.

Pearlized Color
Pearlized Color

Your positioning of the product determines its packaging, and we support any luxury packaging requirements you may have. The pearl-colored packaging is suitable for your luxurious packaging need.

Best Cosmetic Tube For Your Business
Best Cosmetic Tube For Your Business

You can pick the Cosmetic Tube that best matches your understanding of your product’s aesthetic requirements.

  • “I was introduced to SENLIS by a friend, then I customized 500 cosmetic tubes, and the effect is very much in line with my expectations. Looking forward to working together again!”

  • “I’ve bought SENLIS’s cosmetic sprayers before, and I think they are very trustworthy, so I customized and ordered another 200 cosmetic tubes this time.”

  • “A highly recommended partner, It was my first time buying cosmetic tubes from SENLIS, and the product qualification rate of 100 percent.”

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