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SENLIS offers a wide selection of sprayers and bottle options to match them. When you choose a sprayer factory you need to consider carefully, because there are many parts included in a spray, and any small inaccurate amount can affect the final pass rate of the sprayer. Our factory covers almost 40,000 square meters and we have over 1,000 pieces of processing equipment. We have nearly 20 years of experience in spray manufacturing, so you can rest assured that we will manufacture your order.

  • OEM& ODM to support your business.
  • 20 years of production experience.
  • 24/7 Full-time service.
  • 100% recyclability.

SENLIS Cosmetic Sprayer

The cosmetic sprayer is suitable for all kinds of cosmetic liquids, and its atomizer disperses the liquid evenly into the air, forming a fine mist. You can customize the dose of spray at once, and the denseness of the water droplet spray, as well as the bottle capacity, style, and color.

SENLIS supports the customization of any material and the adaptation of the spray to the bottle mouth. You can find the style you need based on the products listed below. All of the models listed below are currently available in common molds.

Sprayer Bottle

The styles listed below are all different according to the bottle style. If you have higher requirements for bottle permeability, for example, if you need PETG bottles, we can also make them for you.

clear PET plastic boston round bottle

Plastic Boston bottles are often used in the traditional pharmaceutical industry but can also be used in personal care. We offer Boston plastic bottles in capacities ranging from 10 ml to 32 oz. You can choose from a variety of colors.

clear PET plastic cosmo round bottle

Cosmo Round Bottles have a tall, narrow body with streamlined, elegantly sloped shoulders. We offer a wide selection of sizes from 2 to 32 ounces. You can choose from many different bottle colors.

Clear PET plastic slim cylinder round bottle

Cylinder Plastic Bottles conform to the conventional bottle design, with simple and clean lines. You can choose from containers ranging from 0.25 ounces to 32 ounces, and pick from many colors.

clear PET plastic tapered naples oval bottle

Plastic Oval Bottles have an oval bottom and it is available in unique shapes. You can adapt the wrench sprayer. We offer containers ranging from 2 oz. to 16 oz. Clear styles are more available.

HDPE plastic diamond round bottle

The Royal Round Bottle is kind of like a combination of the Boston Bottle and the Cosmo Bottle. It will be faster and taller than both of these bottles. This type of bottle comes in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

clear PET plastic round bottle

Click on the details to learn more about the irregular bottles. You can also download the bottle data sheet on the details page. If you have many unique customization ideas, you can also get in touch with us.

Sprayer Closures

lack PP plastic ribbed skirt fine mist fingertip sprayer with clear overcap

Plastic Ribbed Skirt Fine Mit Fingertip Sprayer with Clear Square Overcap

smooth skirt fine mist fingertip sprayer with clear overcap

Plastic Smooth Skirt Fine Mist Fingertip Sprayer with Clear Round Overcap

ribbed skirt fine mist fingertip sprayer with clear overcap

Plastic Ribbed Skirt Fine Mist Fingertip Sprayer with Clear Round Overcap

smooth skirt fine mist fingertip sprayer with clear overcap

Plastic Smooth Skirt Fine Mist Fingertip Sprayer with Clear Square Overcap

Matte silver metal shell and white PP smooth skirt fine-mist fingertip sprayer with clear overcap

Matte Silver Metal hell and White PP Smooth Skirt Fine-mist Fingertip Sprayer with Clear Overcap

White PP plastic ribbed skirt regular-mist fingertip sprayer with clear overcap

White PP Plastic Ribbed Skirt Regular-mist Fingertip Sprayer with Clear Overcap

off nozzle trigger sprayer

Black plastic Ribbed Skirt Spray/Stream/Off Nozzle Trigger Sprayer

off nozzle trigger sprayer

Black Plastic Ribbed Skirt Sprayer/Stream/Off Nozzle Trigger Sprayer

Black PP plastic mini trigger sprayer

Black PP Plastic Mini Trigger Sprayer

Customize Unique Sprayers

  • Continuous sprayer

    Next-Generation Engine Technology. The key to achieving continuous spray. The wretch is completed to fit the finger curve. Comfortable grip, easy to fog.

  • UPG Sprayer

    Nano-level spray pump core can be dispensed toner, lotion, and other non-sticky liquid textures such as water.

  • pen shape perfume sprayer

    Fine spray, delicate and powerful. Smooth and bubble-free bottle. The dust cap effectively protects the nozzle from dust.

  • Card Sprayer

    Minimalist design, clean and hygienic. The bottle is small and exquisite, can be carried around and used anytime and anywhere suitable for travel, fitness, and sports.

  • Refillable Perfume Atomizer

    Electric aluminum shell, rounded shape, elegant, fashionable, beautiful, not easy to lose color. Suitable for dispensing perfume, toner, pure lotion and other liquids.

SENLIS Cosmetic Sprayers Advantages

High Quality
Guarantee High quality
World Shipping Available
Whole World Available
In Time
Delivery In Time
Continuous Innovation
Continuous Innovation

Match Your Design Needs

Not only do we have a trendy design team, but we also have the most professional high-tech equipment to meet your needs for customized beauty.

We offer customized product surface services such as:

  • Screen Printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • stickers
  • Spray Painting
  • Electroplating
  • Color Injection, etc.
Match Your Design Needs
Environmental Protection Philosophy

Environmental Protection Philosophy

No matter who you are and where you are, we have a responsibility and obligation to do our part to protect the planet. Environmental protection concerns each and every one of us.

SENLIS all staff embrace the concept of environmental protection. All of our products are made of environmentally friendly materials and are 100% recyclable.

Environmental protection is the mainstream trend in the world today.

How To Design Your Cosmetic Sprayers

How To Design Your Cosmetic Sprayers
How To Design Your Cosmetic Sprayer

With the change in consumption patterns, the rise of the beauty industry is inevitable. Cosmetic Packaging is especially important to attract consumers to beauty products. And Cosmetic Sprayer is a small part of the beauty industry, so how to do a good job Cosmetic Sprayer to attract more consumers?

First, you need to clearly understand what type of consumer you are. Your product determines your customers. Their spending level is also part of what you need to take into account. These are to help you decide on your packaging style.

Secondly, you need a professional designer to design the most suitable packaging for your product and your target customer group. Every businessman has his own different understanding of the product.

Finally, you can rest assured that your Cosmetic Sprayer order will be placed in the hands of SENLIS, our professionals to help you with the final step of your business.

Cosmetic Sprayer Supplier In China

Don’t hesitate to share with us your ideas and expectations.

Manufacturer Viewer

  • “We have been a regular customer and often repurchase their products. Since we have a wide market, we have a lot of orders and many types of products in demand, but we are satisfied with the products we receive every time!”

  • “I found this company’s website by accident, then I browsed it carefully and contacted them. They answered my questions patiently and sincerely and showed a lot of their crafts, so I decided to try to work with them. I was surprisingly satisfied with the result of the cosmetic sprayers. Very trustworthy!”

  • “Not much to say, we’ll repurchase again.”

What you want to know more about SENLIS Cosmetic Sprayer

There are numerous types of sprayers, not only are there numerous options for spraying methods but there are also a wider variety of spraying products. Whether you need spraying, fogging, vaporizing, or oil spraying, there is a sprayer for you. We can provide you with samples and are happy to answer all your sprayer questions. Don’t forget to consider the length of the bottle and the adaptor tube.

Can we print on the bottle?

Yes, you can. We could offer various printing ways and surface processing methods.

Can we get your free samples?

Yes, you can. The samples are free of charge, but the shipping cost for express delivery is borne by the buyer. We can refund the shipping cost when you place your order.

Can we order many different kinds of products combined together in my first order?

Yes, you can. However, each order should have the minimum quantity we need to order.

What about the normal lead time?

It’s around 20-30 days after receiving the deposit.

What types of payment terms do you accept?

Normally, the payment terms we accept are T/T (30% deposit, 70% against B/L copy).

How do you ensure quality?

We will make samples first. We will start mass production only after the samples pass the test. We will do 100% inspection in every link of the production process. Finally, we will do a sample inspection before packing and shipping, and that inspection is done with professional testing equipment. If you need the machine for full inspection, we can also perform this service. We will take pictures after packing.

What is your shipping terms?

We will help you to choose the best shipping terms according to your detailed requirements. By sea, by air, or by express, etc.

How do I receive a quotation in the shortest possible time?

When you send us an inquiry, please make sure that all details such as model number, product size, tube length, color and order quantity have been sent together. We will send you the quota with complete details soon.

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