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SENLIS’ plastic containers offer versatility, durability, and extreme cost efficiency. You can peruse our catalogs and presentations to select the container that will support your business. We have all seven plastic container material types including PET, PETG, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PS, PP, AS, and others.

  • A variety of styles to choose from.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Great value with incredible prices.
  • Have more comprehensive data on neck finishing molds.

SENLIS Plastic Containers

There are many types of cosmetic containers that you can use for your cosmetic and skincare products. Considering a cosmetic plastic container is more practical because of its wonderful attributes at the same time it is really affordable.

As a brand owner, you must level up the appearance of your products. It is undoubtedly possible by utilizing a cosmetic plastic container. It can be easily designed according to your brand personality and promotions. Maintaining the quality of your products is also achievable when you choose cosmetic plastic containers.

Overall, a great quality cosmetic plastic container is strong enough to preserve your product’s safety, and it’s flexible enough to create appealing packaging. Contact SENLIS now, we are ready to improve your cosmetic packaging.

Plastic Container Collection

Plastics are universal and diverse. Plastic containers are strong and easy to use, store, and well suited to a variety of transportation and shipping conditions. plastic containers from SENLIS can be used in food, beverage, cosmetics, health care, pet care, chemicals, and many more industries.

Plastic bottle collection

A plastic container with a mouth diameter smaller than the diameter of the bottle.

Plastic Jar collection

Plastic containers with wide mouth openings and threaded necks.

Plastic Tube Collection

Plastic containers which can be open-ended, closed-ended, squeezable, or rigid.

SENLIS Cosmetic Plastic Container Advantages

Great Partnership
Great Partnership
Advanced Product R&D
Advanced Product R&D
On-time Shipment Guarantee
On-time Shipment Guarantee
Product Service
Product Service

How do Cosmetic Plastic Containers differ from others?

There are many options you can look at when you are in the stage of choosing the right container for your products. 

Cosmetic Plastic Containers are more light to carry so it gives convenience to on-the-go customers. It is not prone to dense, unlike glass and metal cosmetic containers. Plastic material is flexible to any shape, color, and design. It gives convenience to achieve the desired look of your finished product with a lower production cost. 

These containers have better corrosion and crash resistance. It can help to avoid damages on storage and shipment. Cosmetic plastic containers are known for their hygienic quality. It protects the product inside and out that why many brands still choose this kind of cosmetic packaging for their products. 

How do Cosmetic Plastic Containers differ from others?
Best Solution for Cosmetic Plastic Container

Best Solution for Cosmetic Plastic Container

The cosmetic plastic container is now being used by different many brands all over the world. There are many manufacturers that can produce these containers but SENLISTECH is different from others. 

Our company is open to all cosmetic and skincare brands who are a beginner in this industry or to those brands who already establish their identity. Brands who choose us to be their cosmetic plastic container provider can feel at home without any discrimination.

We provide different containers sample so you can choose the right packaging for your products. In this aspect, you are also free to request any graphic and packaging customization. It was really our honor when we got the chance to deliver great work for your desired cosmetic plastic container. 

Why You Choose SENLIS Cosmetic Plastic Container

SENLISTECH Modern Quality of Cosmetic Plastic Containers
SENLIS Modern Quality of Cosmetic Plastic Containers

SENLIS uses a modern plastic material called Polylactic Acid (PLA) as a result, of product development technology. It now is being applied to the production of cosmetic plastic containers. Here are some advantages of this material:

  • Eco-Friendly

PLA has a great biodegradable attribute because of its great disposal.

  • Workable for different processing methods

This can be used in injection molding, blow molding, and much more manufacturing methods.

  • Broad Product Application

This modern material can not only use in cosmetic products but also in wide products in the market.

  • Safe for people

Polylactic Acid (PLA) has excellent anti-mold and anti-bacterial properties safe for your customers.

Best Material for Cosmetic Plastic Containers
Best Material for Cosmetic Plastic Containers

Cosmetic Plastic Containers have a great flexibility quality that is considered to be the most suitable material or container for many cosmetic and skincare products. These are finished products you might use in your cosmetic products.

  • Refillable Bottle

It is a great and perfect choice for lotion or liquid products like body lotions or serums, perfume mist, and hair sprays.

  • Mascara Bottle

Mascara is one of the most purchased cosmetic products. Choosing a plastic material for this is a great option.

  • Loose PowderCompact

Loose powder is suitable for a plastic compact container. It is safe to use and lightweight.

  • Makeup Compact

A  plastic material container gives great protection for makeup products like eyeshadow or foundation.

  • Roll-on Bottle

Another type of cosmetic plastic container that can be used in lipgloss products and many more.


SENLIS Plastic Cosmetic Container

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