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SENLIS is professional in manufacturing bottle, jar, tube etc. we own high-quality mold design, fast lead time and professional manufacturing technology. All of our glass products are available at pharmaceutical level. Though SENLIS, you also can get every high quality packaging from China to save your time.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging options for you.
  • Various sizes and models of Cosmetic Jars.
  • Offer in various materials.
  • Fully customizable.

SENLIS Container Jar Packaging

We offer Container jars in different materials and also offer customization services from color selection to finishing and surface printing.

We can accept small orders, and in addition, if you order in large quantities, we can offer you wholesale prices and ensure delivery periods.

Plastic Jars Packaging

Plastic bottles come in both single and double-walled forms, and they are great for cosmetic packaging or for personal daily care. If you are looking for a safer container for your essential oil or cream products, try a plastic jar made of PET. If you have a higher demand, we are also able to offer you plastic jars made of PETG and other materials. We have sorted them by style for you to choose from.

Single Wall Plastic Jars

Single-wall plastic jars are made of only a single layer of plastic. They all have a wide caliber, vertical bottle body and are decorated with a continuous threaded neck. These jars are available in a wide selection of colors and capacities and have adapted lids.

Double Wall Plastic Jars

A double-walled plastic jar is a container whose interior consists of two separate parts, one external and one internal. It is still a wide-mouth container jar. These jars work well for personal care products, cosmetics, lotions, creams, and similar products.

Thick Wall Plastic Jars

These jars look a lot like glass products, but actually, use AS or PS which are plastic materials. These jars can be a great way to show off your products, with a clear view of the color, texture, and texture of the product. The sound of tapping on the bottle is also very crisp.

Square Plastic Jars

The square plastic jar has a square body and a wider mouth. To make it easier for you to pick up these jars, some models are equipped with handles. Square plastic jars are suitable for a wide range of products, economical and elegant.

Display Jars

Plastic display cans are an excellent way to display your products in the container itself. The ability to scan a large amount of product and the square grip makes the container easy to hold. Usually, products dispensing or liquid products are more suitable for this container.

Other Plastic Jars

You can find all some basic processed styles of jars with unique shapes in other categories. If you haven’t found the jar you’re looking for, you can scroll down and we have some special custom-molded jars that might be right up your alley.

Cream Jar Customization for Cosmetic

SENLIS Cream Jars are designed for the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We have carefully studied and proposed an excellent formulation protection that is completely harmless. This is an ideal product for dispensing high-viscosity formulations.
It is 100% leak-proof, perfect for your cosmetic products. We can also customize a wide range of designs for different cosmetic jars.

SENLIS Cosmetic Jar Advantage

No Inferior Products
High Quality
Design For You
In Time
Eco-friendly And Harmless

Cardboard Cosmetic Jar

Looking for an Eco-friendly Cosmetic Jar Packaging that fits in with your green production line?

Use this renewable, biodegradable and recyclable eco-friendly cardboard material to best meet your environmental needs for Cosmetic Packaging. Of course, we also offer a cardboard lid that fits the jar.

You don’t have to worry about the paper packaging penetrating the oil of your product because we add an oil-proof barrier for the Cosmetic Jar to protect the seal of the product.

Cardboard Cosmetic Jar
Bamboo Cosmetic Jar

Bamboo Cosmetic Jar

You have many different options in the eco-friendly line, and Bamboo would be one packaging material you could consider in your choice of Biodegradable Jar Packaging.

But the truth is that Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging does not mean that all packaging materials are made of bamboo. The body and some inner parts may be made of acrylic, glass, or PP, but the external parts such as the cap or base are made of bamboo.

However, all Bamboo Cosmetic Jars are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and modern techniques will polish the bamboo and then turn it into a matte finish for the next step in the process.

Why SENLIS Cosmetic Jar

Why SENLIS Cosmetic Jars
Why SENLIS Cosmetic Jar

Research and Design:

SENLIS masters advanced technology through continuous product research and innovation. Having modern raw materials and mastering the most advanced technologies can greatly improve the efficiency of product development. Due to this, we keep our company in the Cosmetic Packaging Industry with world-class technology.

Quality Management:

While maintaining operational efficiency, we are also committed to ensuring the quality of our products to safeguard our company’s reputation. SENLIS focuses on product quality consistently, which is the foundation for the company’s success in the industry.

Controlling quality contributes to the better results of our products. We strictly focus on Product Layout, Overall Production, Product Warehouse, and Logistics. As a result, we can provide excellent products that our customers continue to trust.

Innovation Model
Innovation Model

We are proud to introduce our SENLIS Cosmetic Jars. This is perfectly designed for the packaging of your cosmetics and skincare products. We can customize this for your own brand and make a great partnership in the future. We can help you achieve your desired packaging that can make your Cosmetic Packaging more engaging.

SENLIS works on the largest brands in the market. We have a great team that provides the best product solutions and improvements.

Green Solutions
Green Solutions

SENLIS cares about our planet earth and the people, therefore we are committed to producing modern and eco-friendly Cosmetic Jars for you. With our continuous research and development, we are using more biodegradable, renewable, and recycled materials in our production.

Our Cosmetic Jars can simply disassemble and recycled depending on your needs. We can assure you that we use high-quality materials without compromising our environment.

SENLIS Always Support Your Business
SENLIS Always Support Your Business
  • “We have customized 50,0000 cosmetic jars, SENLIS is the most efficient cosmetic packaging company I’ve ever seen, also there’s no defective product. I think they’re very trustworthy, looking forward to the next cooperation.”

  • “Nice cooperation!”

  • “Our customized cosmetic jars are made of metal aluminum, they look and feel very textured, the color we asked for is gradient, the whole jars look very beautiful, praise!”

  • All products are made of raw materials, never use recycled materials.
  • Factory direct supply, favorable price, rapid delivery.
  • In Formal factory production, product quality is guaranteed, stable and durable.
  • ¬†Glass bottles with good permeability, non-toxic, no defects, no bubbles, safe packaging, and convenient transportation.
Can I get a sample?

Of course, you can.

They will be sent out quickly when available in stock. However, for special decorations or printing on bottles, it will take about 20-30 days to prepare and a reasonable sample fee will be charged.

How long for custom samples?

Normally 7-15 days.

Can we do printing on the bottles?

We will provide various printing methods such as screen printing, hot stamping, and silver printing. We can also provide frosting, color blasting, decals, polishing, plating, and label stickers. You can find the printing support you need in the Support section

Do you accept customized order?

Both OEM and ODM is acceptable.

How do you control the quality?

We will make samples first, and we will start mass production only after the samples pass the test. Workers will do 100% inspection during the production process; we use machines to do random inspections before packing.

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