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Looking for a Cosmetic Bottle to package your skincare or makeup products? SENLIS offers a variety of plastic and glass choices that could be ideal for your business.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging options for you.
  • OEM & ODM to support your business.
  • Wide range of colors and styles.
  • Product qualification rate 99%.

SENLIS Cosmetic Bottle

SENLIS’s superior quality shows that it can provide you with packaging one-stop service.
All the packaging components you need in your production line from SENLIS reduce your manufacturing costs and give you an attractive solution that can improve production efficiency.
SENLIS can provide you with quality products and services and unique customized solutions.

Cosmetic Plastic Bottles Packaging

There are many different kinds of cosmetic packaging bottles on the market, and they have a wide range of uses.

Whether your cosmetic products are liquids or powders, you can find the right packaging for your products in cosmetic lotion bottles, sample bottles, cosmetic spray bottles, plastic cosmetic pump bottles, drop bottles, custom cosmetic jars, or any other cosmetic packaging supplies.

SENLIS Cosmetic Bottle Advantage

High Quality
High Quality
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Types of Cosmetic Lotion Bottles

The appearance of the product packaging is the most direct response to the quality of the product. If you are selecting the right packaging for your products, here are a few options for you to consider:

  • Round Cosmetic Bottle 

Refer to our PG-05. There are three options for you to choose from disc cap, lotion pump, or spray tip. Of course, you can also choose to customize any color you need.

  • Boston Round Plastic Bottle

These are Boston Round bottles that can be used for body lotion shampoo creams. You can choose from glass or plastic in any color you need.

  • Cylinder Round Cosmetic Bottles

Cylinder Round Cosmetic Bottles can be identified by their sharp straight lines and square bases. These bottles are usually used for Shampoo, Skincare, and Lotion packaging.

Types of Cosmetic Lotion Bottles
Product Spotlight Airless Pump Bottle

Product Spotlight - Airless Pump Bottle

Airless pump bottles provide a simple and efficient way to dispense and preserve products by isolating them from oxygen.

  • Airless Pump Bottles for Skincare Products

Refer to PG-09. This is often used for skincare packaging. The white opaque bottle and pump head are made of polypropylene plastic for efficient, even, and clean dispensing of product. Polypropylene material has excellent resistance to moisture, permeation, and heat.

  • Airless Pump Bottles for Makeup Products

Refer to PG-07. This is often used for Makeup packaging. Unlike PG-09, this one is made of matte aluminum in addition to polypropylene for the pump head. You can use it to pack a series of cosmetics such as foundations and skin revitalizing serums.

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