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Here you will find closures for various types of container classes to match your needs for a wide variety of container usage features. There are so many different types of closures that you may be dazzled. I’m sure you’ll eventually find the one you need!

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SENLIS Bottle Closures

Choosing a functional lid for a container is an important step in the packaging chain. Choosing the right material is equally important from an aesthetic point of view, which requires a careful weighing of whether the product will have safety issues with the lid, as well as the practicality of the product to be considered as well.

SENLIS has nearly 20 years of experience as a bottle closures manufacturer. We have many bottle closures molds for you to choose from. You can directly connect with the factory and get the desired price.

Bottle Closures Collection

Non-Dispensing Caps collection

Closures that are screwed on or snapped on must be removed to dispense the product.

Dispensing Caps collection

Closures with moving parts and hinges for easy dispensing.

Droppers collection

Facilitates drop-by-drop product dispensing for greater precision and hygiene.

Metal Caps collection

Non-dispensing closures and caps made of metal; continuous and twisted threads.

Sprayers collection

Closures for liquid products; fingertip and trigger varieties.

Pumps collection

Dispensing closures discharge low-viscosity products when pressed down.

Pail Lids collection

Round, square and spouted lids for mounting on round and square containers.

Liners and Seal Discs collection

Foam, plastic, and aluminum foil trays that help seal products in containers.

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What to look for in a closure

The main thing, of course, is to prevent things from spilling all over the place. Beyond that, the design of the closure has to be considered based on the aesthetics of the use and the purpose of the use. In our daily lives, the contents of the food, cosmetics and other consumer products used may react chemically with the packaging material in different ways. The first thing we need to make sure of is choosing the right material to ensure safety, and also to consider how the user will draw more easily on the product in the container. You need to choose the right dispensing method. Bottle caps are another way to customize the style or function of your product.

Bottle closure content
Important of Right Bottle Closure

Important of Right Bottle Closure

Having a low-quality bottle closure can make the whole packaging weak even though the design is very attractive. It is really important to know the better bottle closure for specific packaging. The right bottle closure must be able to seal the product contained inside the bottle. It must undergo product testing on how it can protect the cosmetic or skincare product from any dirt or oxidation. 

As a brand owner who started their product in the cosmetic business, a high-quality bottle closure should not be neglected otherwise, the whole product your release to the market can make your customers disappointed. Let’s help each other by trusting SENLISTECH to provide you with a beautiful and correct bottle closure for your different products.

Your Trusted Manufacturer

SENLIS helps businesses from the cosmetic industry that needs different packaging for their products. Our company only manufactures high-quality cosmetic packaging you can enjoy like the Bottle Closure products. 

We can adapt your preferences by coordinating your trademark on your chosen packaging. This customization process is not complicated because of our experts who will assist you with regard to your company’s request.

All products we created are now trusted by different huge brands in the cosmetic world. You can send us your cosmetic packaging project and feel at home to partner with us.

Your Trusted Manufacturer

Types of Bottle Closure from SENSLIS

Types of Bottle Closure
Types of Bottle Closure from SENSLIS

A bottle closure is a product that can close the bottle that contains various types of cosmetic and skincare products inside. There are different bottle closures you can choose from SENLISTECH. Here is the top bottle closure that we manufacture:

  • Standard Screw  Bottle Closure

It is a traditional and the most common bottle closure in the market. It is easy to open and close while protecting the product inside.

  • Flip-Top Bottle Closure

A flip-top bottle closure is an improvement from a conventional screw bottle closure. It is often used in a squeezable bottle for a product like a shampoo, lotion, or skincare cream.

  • Press or Disc Top Bottle Closure

This type of bottle closure needs to push the disc on the other side of the cap so that the other side can pop upwards to dispense the product. 

  • Dropper Bottle Closure

The dropper bottle closure is made with a squeezable top for product dispensing. It can also be an ideal bottle closure for serum, eyedrops, or any liquid cosmetic product you have.

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