Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

SENLIS manufactures packaging for cosmetic and skincare lines in a large variety of styles and designs. One of these is our Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging, with expertise in designing this packaging to guarantee high-quality results.

  • Shipping is more efficient since its light-weight.
  • More recyclable than plastic packaging.
  • Low MOQ with favorable price.
  • Flexible and safe to use.

SENLIS Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging

Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging has a smooth appearance and is particularly suitable for many products. Even though plastic packaging has become so popular, other companies are still attracted to it and considering using it for their cosmetic packaging.

This Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging is also persistent in giving an aesthetic and gorgeous look to the product. It is lightweight and hygienic to use for cosmetics. SENLIS’s packaging is non-toxic and certified BPA-free which doesn’t risk the health of consumers.

Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging

Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging has been used in the cosmetic industry for a long time. To find whether these packagings is the perfect one, you need a reliable manufacturer. SENLIS genuinely helps the brand to pick the correct cosmetic packaging.

SENLIS Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging Advantage

highest quality
High Quality
customize for you
shipping instantly
In Time
eco-friendly and recycle used

Why SENLIS Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging

Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging is considered by many of our customers. Here are the reasons why SENLIS Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging has become so popular in the beauty industry.

  • Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging can be endlessly recyclable compared to plastic packaging and serves as a way to decrease the pollution that affects the ecosystem.
  • Product information such as product names, logos, and brand designs can be easily printed directly to the containers. It eliminates complicated steps in designing cosmetic packaging.
  • Choosing Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging makes transportation more accessible and saves the cost of shipping because it’s lightweight.
  • We provide safety measures and guidelines on how they can safely use aluminum cosmetic containers.
  • We used FDA-approved aluminum material for the production of our Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging. You can assure it is safe and non-risk to human health.
Why SENLIS Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging
Help Design Your Brand Identity

Help Design Your Brand Identity

If you are decided to use Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging, worry no more because SENLIS is here to guide you. We will help you to find suitable aluminum packaging for your cosmetics products. Our aluminum cosmetic containers are 100% rust-resistant and leakproof. This container can be combined with mist sprayers, pumps, droppers, and others depending on your choice of packaging.

Customization of Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging can be designed with our team. A product compatibility test will be conducted before finalizing a perfect Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging. This will prevent any unwanted circumstances when the product is released to the market.

Customize Unique Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging

Customize Unique Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging
Customize Unique Aluminum Cosmetic Packagings

A wide variety of aluminum cosmetic containers gives the best packaging solution for you. Our goal is to make your product more presentable to customers. We will let you know every detail of this packaging and encourage you to review and check so that it will not cost you more for choosing it.

These are some of our samples of Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging and they can be all customized.

  • Aluminum Empty Lipstick Container

Easy to bring for everyday use. It is durable and at the same time can be reusable.

  • Aluminum Hair Dye Tube Packaging

Gives convenience for releasing the hair dye product outside. It is compatible with the common formulation of hair coloring products.

  • Aluminum Container with Lid

Commonly used in DIY and cream-type cosmetic products. This container is safe from leakage and different sizes are available. –

  • Aluminum Empty Mascara Tube

This is intended for eyelash make-ups. It can be refillable and can prevent the product from drying.

  • Aluminum Spray Bottle Container

It is a type of aluminum container that combines with a plastic sprayer. A perfect partner for liquid cosmetics products.

SENLIS Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer

SENLIS Factory Strength

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  • “Because of this cooperation, I got to know their boss and became friends, two birds with one stone hahaha!”

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