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Exhausted to find a suitable airless pump manufacturer among many suppliers? This is the latest innovation in cosmetic and skin care formulations, typically used for filling creams. We can effectively produce this kind of jars to meet your needs for cosmetic packaging. Start enhancing your brand with airless pump jars.

  • Safe and secure delivery to local and international clients.
  • Innovated research and development.
  • Minimize oxidation of your product.
  • Product testing is necessary.

SENLIS Airless Pump Jar

Airless pump jars are the best alternative to different packaging like airless pump bottles. These jars are beautifully made for creams, gels, and other formulations.

Using this airless pump jar, the end user can dispense the product in a hygienic manner. The customer does not need to have direct contact with the remaining product in the jar.

Airless Pump Jar Packaging

Airless Pump Jar
General Airless Pump Jar
Airless Pump Jar AJ-04
New Style Airless Pump Jar
Airless Pump Jar AJ-06
Airless Pump Jar With Duckbill Pump Head
Airless Pump Jar AJ-02
Acrylic Airless Pump Jar
Airless Pump Jar AJ-03
Innovative Airless Pump Jar
Airless Pump Jar AJ-05
Aluminum Airless Pump Jar

Hot style introduction

Different from other styles, this one on the right picture is more environmentally friendly and safe. Some Airless Pump Jar is made of acrylic, while this one is made of full-body PP, which means it can achieve a 100% recyclable rate.

Secondly, both the regular and duckbill models of Airless Pump Jars can’t get rid of the contact between the product and the spring when pressed. In order to protect the freshness of the product to a greater extent, we introduce this one that can completely compensate for the above defects.

Just press the button and the product will be expelled by pressing the button and the product will be spilled by the outlet.

Since the product is simpler, it will be more convenient to transport and more environmentally friendly.

Hot style introduction
Custom Surface Finish Method

Why SENLIS Airless Pump Jar

SENLIS is a factory specializing in manufacturing Airless Pump Jars. We are building good partnerships with cosmetic business owners who trust our work. One of our hot packages is the Airless Pump Jar, which has unparalleled specificity compared to other types of packaging.

The company’s production area applies Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to us and produces these cans according to the company’s established standards and regulations.

Our production force is well-trained and determined to comply with production quality control standards.

Having a detail-oriented team is an advantage for us to produce Airless Pump Jars on a large scale. The research and development team is constantly generating new ideas for the customization of Airless Pump Jars.

Feature Of Airless Pump Jar

  • Excellent Option

If you are starting your own cosmetic products Airless Pump Jar is an excellent option. This jar offers the best solution to have protected cosmetic packaging.

  • Extended Shelf Life

By incorporating Airless Pump Jars in your product, extending its shelf life is possible. All active ingredients inside the jar will last and will reduce the risk of accumulating bacteria.

Feature Of Airless Pump Jar

Pump Head Style

SENLIS Supports Your Airless Cosmetic Jar

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