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SENLIS Cosmetic PackagingDelivering the Best in Quality and Service

Company Strength

  • High-quality control throughout the production process.
  • Best designers to meet your customization needs.
  • Non-toxic and recyclable materials.
  • Environmental-Friendly Philosophy.
  • Available for after-sales support.
  • Work with many famous brands.
  • Various surface finish methods.
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  • About SENLIS Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer

SENLIS Supports Your Business

SENLIS is always focused on product quality and corporate reputation, we pursue to meet your customized needs while building an exclusive brand image for you. Welcome to visit and contact us.

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Wide Range
As a company that has been dedicated to creating cosmetic packaging for so many years, SENLIS has a wide range of products that we can offer you what you want.
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Luxury Packaging
We can offer a very wide range of specialized and customized solutions to help you build your personal corporate brand, including luxury cosmetic packaging.
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  • About SENLIS Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging
  • Non-toxic cosmetic packaging
Eco-Friendly Concept
Gaining profit and honor is never the only goal of SENLIS. It is our lifelong pursuit to be able to produce high quality products and protect the environment.

What Else Can SENLIS Do For You

Factory Inspection
Factory Inspection
SENLIS has always been very concerned about our own reputation, so all of our output is absolutely high-quality products, we have also worked with many well-known brands, so we are pretty confident that our customers would receive satisfactory results.
  • One-Stop Service
One-Stop Service
From the preparation of materials, fusion, measurement, making molds, to manual screening of substandard parts, assembly, testing samples, and then loading and delivery, we spend a lot of labour and material resources and energy.

Customized Product Display

  • Customized Airless Cosmetic Bottles
  • Customized cosmetic bottles
  • Customized Cosmetic Pump Bottles
  • Customized Cosmetic Sprayers
  • Customized Cosmetic Sprayer
  • Customized Cosmetic Perfume Bottle
  • Customized Cosmetic Jars

SENLIS Company Advantage

High quality to obtain your satisfaction
High Quality
We do a good job with every product, only to obtain your satisfaction.
Professional design team to match your customized needs
We have a professional design team to match your customized needs.
On Time
In Time
You definitely don't have to worry about shipping delays, always timely.
Safe Materials
The materials we use are safe, non-toxic and 99% recyclable.

Surface Finish Methods

Hot Stamping: The gold foil is pressed through the heated, pressurized embossing on the paper so that a delicate metallic look can be achieved at a low cost.
Silk Screen Printing: It is not limited by the size and shape of the substrate, creating a strong three-dimensional sense.
Offset Printing: It is fast, and the printing quality is relatively stable, compared to screen printing, the touch is very smooth.
Embossing: Using a mold, pressure is applied to deform the printed substrate, which is relatively expensive. And due to the limited precision of metallic zinc, it cannot reflect too small details.
Relief Sculpture: More highlight the design of the brand, greatly increase the artistic effect of the product, more attractive to consumers.

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