Cosmetic Packaging Supplier
Helps In Providing Different Kinds Of Packaging
To Various Types Of Cosmetics Products In The Market.
Packaging Design
Various Product Categories, Make Up Palettes, Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles And Jars.
All about Customized Packaging.
Cosmetic Packaging
The Packaging Should Reflect The Simple Formulated Natural Products Insides,
Conveying The True Purity Of The Inqredients.
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Your Ideal Supplier for Cosmetic Packaging

SENLIS is an ideal manufacturer that handles the creation of several Cosmetic Packaging for brands. We are capable of producing and developing ideal packaging for your beauty products. Incorporating attractive designs and product features requirements will lead you to have well-made Cosmetic Packaging.

Fully Manufacturer Capability

  • Execute standard quality control policy to achieve premium results.
  • Establish the brand’s identity through exclusive customization.
  • Perform product testing and give packaging samples.
  • Certified Safe and non-toxic materials are used.
  • Environmental-friendly cosmetic packaging.
  • Short lead time in the production process.
  • Great after-sales service.
Fully Manufacturer Capability

SENLIS Cosmetic Packaging Product

Your Best Cosmetic-Bottle

SENLIS offers a wide range of bottles in various sizes, colors, and material styles with individual caps. These bottles are widely used in the personal cosmetics and health industries.

Your Best Cosmetic Pump Bottle

By squeezing the pump, you can get the product in the bottle precisely, and it is also well protected from external contamination. The pump head can have a natural smooth or ribbed appearance.

Your Best Cosmetic Dropper Bottle

By varying the suction of the tip, the dose can be fixed precisely for each use. Dropper Bottles are now also becoming more and more commonly used in people’s daily skincare lives.

Your Best Cosmetic Tube

The flat body surface can be made into matte or high-gloss. The color can also be customized according to your needs. Cosmetic Tubes may be used in packaging for face wash, sunscreen, toothpaste, etc.

Your Best Cosmetic Sprayer

You can choose any material for the bottle with the spray nozzle. The spray nozzles produce a dense and delicate spray of water. We can meet any of your needs for customizing your sprayer.

Your Best Cosmetic Jar

SENLIS offers a large range of Cosmetic Jars in different colors, sizes, styles, and materials. We provide adapted lids and plastic domed lids. These jars can be used for creams or cream masks, etc.

SENLIS Your Reliable Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

Cosmetic Packaging is vital in every beauty product produced in the industry. Our packaging can also be your partner to have sustainable cosmetic packaging. It will help you strengthen your brand image and make an appealing product for your target market.

SENLIS Your Reliable Cosmetic Packaging Supplier
Why SENLIS Can Attract A Large Number Of Customers

Why SENLIS Can Attract A Large Number Of Customers

  • Environmental-Friendly 

Our production is free from harmful substances that are dangerous to the environment. Saving energy and natural resources helps us lessen the negative impact on the whole community and environment.

  • Cost and Time

Prioritizing time in manufacturing results in minimizing the cost of the overall production of cosmetic packaging. We maintain cost and time efficiency in every project we are doing. This made us stand out from our competitors.

  • High-Quality Guarantee

We are ISO Certified company in the packaging industry. We are consistent in our commitment to producing high-quality cosmetic packaging for our customers.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Service
Custom Cosmetic Packaging Service

Packaging serves as a shelter for your cosmetics product. We provide exclusive designs for customized packaging. There is a wide range of containers, bottles, boxes, and many others that you can choose from. This service will help you elevate the type of packaging you want for your beauty products.

Professional Team Support
Professional Team Support

If you are interested in the custom cosmetic packaging service, our professional team will support you. We have experts that can develop and customize your required design, shape, and color. They conduct stability and compatibility tests on your customized packaging. It can save you time and effort in creating gorgeous cosmetic packaging.


SENLIS cosmetic packaging is a manufacturing company that gives a solution for different types of packaging.

Cosmetics has a wide range of different products with different purposes. The industry has strong competition that’s why cosmetics packaging increases demand.

Packaging should not only be beautiful but it should also be capable of protecting the product. Our production ensures that we can deliver both to make perfect cosmetic packaging for any kind of beauty product.

We have different methods of creating beautiful designs and colors for your packaging. We are flexible enough to cater to different containers for cosmetic products. You can now save your time and effort Senlis can manufacture the perfect packaging for you.

Custom Surface Finish Method

  • Silk Screen Printing

This is instantly applied to the surface of your cosmetic packaging. It creates perfect quality of design and color.

  • Hot Stamping

It is the most reputable surface finishing method that uses extremely high temperatures.

  • Color Injection

This method injects two or more combined colors into the construction process.

Custom Surface Finish Method
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